Wollmeise! Kunterbunt!

I somehow managed to grab a large ‘We’re different’ kunterbunt (mixed bag) of 80/20 sock yarn in a Wollmeise update on 9/24 and I finally got it this morning. I love all of it to pieces. This stuff is hard to get and I can’t believe my good luck.

From left to right: A versuchskaninchen (guinea pig) skein of blue with hints of purple, Spice Market, Grunfink (green finch), Merlot, and Flaschenpost (message in a bottle)

Sewing UFOs (unfinished objects)

A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out my closet because it was starting to feel a bit overwhelming and I was afraid an avalanche was eminent. While I was doing this I pulled out two unfinished sewing projects – my first ever project, a blanket, and the bag I was talking about a while back. They were both so close to being done that it seemed ridiculous to stuff them back in the closet unfinished. So here they are in their completed glory:

It took me one evening to finish the blanket and about 10 minutes to finish the bag. So what had them stalled out for so long? Well the blanket was a legitimate issue – I don’t know much about quilting but I suspect the instructions I had for putting the layers together were “cheap and easy” and in this case I paid for the cheap and easy method by ending up with layers that were bunching up oddly.  A bit of ripping out some seams and whole lot of creatively “making it work” was required to fix it, which earned it a multi-year time-out. In the end Tim Gunn would still clutch his pearls and faint dead away over how one edge of the blanket looks, but it’s sewed together and not the disaster it was initially going to end up being. Besides I really love it in all its quirkiness. As for the bag…. well I am such a sorry ass when it comes to sewing that not wanting to re-spool the bobbin after it ran out of thread just a mere few inches from being completed kept it from being done for several months. Yes my laziness when it comes to sewing is very strong.

End of summer knitting wrap-up

I haven’t posted this summer about what I have been knitting mostly because I haven’t been knitting very much. However I did make a few things; knitting up existing sock yarn stash.

Pattern: Margaritaville by Adrienne Fong
Yarn: Serendipitous Ewe Chance Sock Yarn; Colorway Apogee

Pattern: Multnomah by Kate Flagg
Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy; Colorway Beach Glass

Pattern: Punctuated Rib Socks by Anne Budd, from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino; Colorway Summer Sweet

All of these yarns were so beautiful and luscious, but I have a real soft spot for the Miss Babs Beach Glass. I do wish my camera could have captured the colors in this yarn, the way it suggests light and shadow reflecting through glass.

This will be the last knitting posts I make for awhile because I’ve started my holiday knitting. I’m planning on only a very few pieces, but I don’t like to rush and at the rate I’m knitting I’m going to need all of this time.

Spa night

It has been a long weekend here. In fact by Friday it had already been a long weekend before most people had even started their weekend. However I’m not here to complain and on a comparative basis I am in no position to be complaining. Instead I’m here posting uber relaxed after my spa evening (the best fix to crappy weeks and weekends).

First up was a avocado/coconut milk/banana hair deep treatment. My hair still isn’t dry yet so I can’t fully comment on its effectiveness, but I can say it was a total pain in the arse to wash out. Even once it was out my hair felt really odd in a ‘I may have really overdone it on the protein’ kind of way and I ended up slathering a lot of leave in conditioner in it because it felt like my hair was going to dry in one giant clump. ugh. Who knows maybe I will wake up to a some super moisturized and shiny hair tomorrow making it all worth it. (What can I say, I try to live in hope)

Other than the hair the evening was a 100% success. I’m on a natural as possible, sulfate-free kick that I’ve started after going curly girl (a saga worthy of its own post) and have absolutely fallen in love with Lush. Tonight was all about the splurge – products I indulge in rarely due to a high cost to short lasting ratio. I took a nice long hot bath using my favorite indulgence, the butterball bath bomb, and used some of the remainder of my brazened honey face mask. When all is said and done I don’t think the face mask is really doing much for me, but it just feels so decadent. It’s probably a once a year kind of silly treat. However I can say that their regular face  cleansers and lotions (I use aqua marina and coal face for cleanser, tea tree toner, and vanishing cream for moisturizer) last very long for the money spent and this is the best my blemish prone skin has ever been. Trust me I don’t say something like that lightly. Warning though if you are thinking of ordering some try to find a store location first; the products are mostly all natural and some can melt in the hot summer temps if mailed. Guess how I (and my Mom) know…. yeah that was a ruined mothers day present.


No, I’m not talking about the slumlord from Animal Crossing. (Seriously that tanuki takes advantage of the fact you have nowhere else to go and charges an obscene amount of bells for a shanty.)

What I am talking about is the new Nook e-reader I just got and am completely in love with. Months ago I went over the shelf limit for books in my apartment again and they just kept piling up. That combined with the fact I had a book shipped to me two day express because it wasn’t available in any bookstores nearby and it felt like a little bit of a book emergency meant it was time to admit something had to be done. Also I really wanted a new toy. I chose the nook over the kindle based solely on the fact that the nook supports e-pub files from any source. It wasn’t even worth it for me to compare ease of use or anything else because I wasn’t going to be buying a Kindle which only supports the exclusive Amazon format for e-books. Everything else they say about books being easy to read and the e-ink screens is completely true etc. etc. So I won’t bore you with that. For my first book I started The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo written by Stieg Larsson, 1st of the millennium trilogy. Everyone is talking about the millennium trilogy these days and after getting two recommendations on it in one day I decided it was time to listen to what the universe was telling me and get the book already.

Its actually been a pretty literary weekend around here. On a whim on Saturday I finally went to the Rosenbach museum. The tour of the house really didn’t interest me much; I was in it for the collection of rare books at the end and the Maurice Sendak exhibit. Unfortunately you cant really see much of the books, being locked behind glass cases but it is a very impressive collection. I also learned something very interesting – in the past when it was only possible for the wealthy to buy books, they would have their books rebound so that they all looked the same and matched their decor. So when you see a historical movie and all the books on the shelves in the background look the same, that isn’t cheapness in the production budget, they are being historically accurate. Ok, maybe they are being a little cheap as well. haha. The highlight of my trip though was the poster I got in the gift shop. Check out the awesomeness.

A poster illustrated by Sendak himself for an exhibit of his work at the Rosenbach museum and Please Touch museum featuring a wild thing as the William Penn statue on top of city hall. I also got a copy of the Nutcracker illustrated by Sendak. Not many people know this, but he did the set designs and costumes for The Nutcracker the Motion Picture made in the 80s, which has always occupied a very special place in my heart. Of course the place in my heart that version of the Nutcracker occupies is right next to the scary, trippy, stopwatch animation The Nutcracker Fantasy, but The Nutcracker Fantasy is a whole post in and of itself and I don’t want to have nightmares tonight.


The problem with blogging is that I would much rather be doing things than writing about them. However, I do like to share what I am up to, so I need to get better about updates. I have some finished objects to show and I’ve also been on quite a reading kick lately so I finally have some good books to talk about again.

Today’s post though is going to be about an upcoming project because I got some fabric in the mail today to make the frenchy bag by Amy Butler.  I made the larger size Christmas before last for my sister and after doing that I realized I kinda really wanted one for me.

So I have been keeping an eye out for fabric ever since. I finally settled on three fabrics in the Morris Mania (as in William Morris) line by Freedom Fabrics.

The main pattern is going to be the body of the bag, the upper right box is going to be the top, and the lower right box is going to be the lining. I’m just glad picking the fabric is finally over with. I spent more than an hour online trying to compare the various fabrics in this line to make sure what I picked went together well, only to switch over at the last minute from the green colorway to the blue/teal colorway. There must be something about teal right now; I’ve even painted my toenails teal. Unfortunately it is actually quite a hard color to pair with my clothes. I don’t think I will be keeping it long. Wow I am such a girl.

I’m an aunt

My nephew Nolan. Born May 8, 2010; five weeks early but doing fine. Congratulations to my beautiful sister and brother in law.