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I spend this past weekend dyeing Easter eggs yarn. Yep, I dyed yarn using PAAS Easter egg dye. I decided yarn was a little more fun and had a longer shelf life than eggs even if it was a good deal messier. At least I didn’t manage to dye anything other than the yarn permanently.











I died four skeins of sock yarn in all, two skeins of knitpicks and two skeins of kraemer yarns. I followed a great tutorial by Kathryn Ivy. Her best tip of all – using a salad spinner to remove extra water from wet yarn. I have been doing this for my sweaters and delicates as well.



Back in the sweater buisness

Sweaters are my favorite type of project to make and I am excited to finally be making Little Birds by Ysolda which I have been coveting since the very first day it came out. I’m using Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift in the same colors as the pattern because I don’t want to change a single thing about this sweater. I’m in love.


Progress so far has been a little slow and my right shoulder is starting to twinge a little with such small needles and stitches. So I am trying to focus on keeping my movements loose and relaxed. Hopefully once I am done with the ribbing and moved on to the fair isle things will feel better.


Here is a knit-hance to show how small the stitches are – thats a gauge of seven rows per penny. Tiniest thing I have ever knit.


watchmenWell evidently there is nothing I like more than jumping on a good bandwagon because I finally decided to read Watchmen. Like everyone else I had been seeing the displays in the bookstore for the past year, and I was intrigued but other than a few comics had never read a graphic novel before and wasn’t too sure I would enjoy it. I figured I would just eventually catch the movie on dvd even though normally I try to read the book before watching the movie. However after hearing the less than great reviews of the movie and learning that one of my friends who had also never read graphic novelsĀ  liked it, I decided to give it a shot. I am very glad I did; it was an absolutely fantastic story, satisfyingly deep and complex while still being highly entertaining. What I enjoyed most about it was that it was a superhero story in which the nature of good and evil is not clear cut. I think that is why I keep watching Heroes even though the plot is a little all over the place these days.

Right now I have started knitting two new projects (gasp I know two projects at the same time is so unlike me) but there isn’t really enough of either one yet to make it worth talking about. So more on that another day.

Just in time for spring

I finished my green autumn mittens this weekend. Of course my timing with finishing these couldn’t be better as the temperature this weekend has been in the 60’s. Originally I had hoped to finish them by the beginning of February, but I underestimated how long all those cables would take and I ended up making Sack boy in the meantime as well. Oh well, I am glad warmer weather seems to be on the way and these will be great for next winter.


Pattern: Green Autumn Mittens by Jared Flood
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid in color 109 Lilac

The photo doesn’t bring out the wonderful shades of purple and do justice to the yarn, but what can I say it has been a cloudy day today.

I also finished reading Woman’s World by Graham Rawle. The entire story is composed of text cut from women’s magazines from the early 1960’s. The pages have been printed exactly as they are and the effect and tone are pure genius.


What originally drew me to this book though was that it reminded me of the poem Chloe and I put together in high school using my mom’s refrigerator magnet poetry from virginia slims cigarettes, which I have pulled out for nostalgia’s sake:

woman are much

mother I am not whisper
yet my sex will always
urge on kissing
with wrong romance

still you wonder
as we go chocolate friend
what delicate beyond luxury
desires is never beneath
an essential question

when life better
than me
wants quiet
crave after woman

but there secret couple can’t
play your nice party

part pms men
for only she
has worst boyfriend
plus tell woman they
need play thing

talk best say him
do her or don’t
and the beauty must
have a right woman

brains were time above dream
let them stand that could

it’s a woman thing

Is this thing on?

Wow this thing took a long time to set up which has taken the wind out of my sails as far as actually posting to this blog tonight. So I will probably keep this short and simple. Not sure exactly why I want to blog, but I thought I would try it out. The kind of blogs I enjoy most are where people just give a little glimpse into their daily life and what they are up to, which is what this kind of blog is going to be. That means a lot about what I am knitting and reading and occasionally a little bit about other things like video games and whatever weird thing I am up to next.

And now for that little glimpse. Here is the sack boy I just finished knitting.

Sack Boy

I made him from a free pattern by Alan Dart.