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An inadequate fort

Fu hiding under a makeshift blanket and couch fort…


… just not very well…



Crawling for Yarn

Last weekend I went on a yarn crawl through Pennington, NJ and New Hope, PA with some of the gals from my stitch n’ bitch. Got to enjoy absolutely perfect weather, some good stash enhancement and the best Pad Thai I had had in years at Wildflowers, a cute little outdoor cafe in New Hope. Seriously since moving away from Pittsburgh and Spice Island Tea House I have had a run of bad Pad Thai every time I gave it a chance. But enough about the food and on to the crafty goodness. The stops were as follows:

and a few random non crafty places walking around New Hope. Note the above three places in Pennington are all right next to each other – crafter’s heaven.


Clearly I have also recently figured out how to do collages in photoshop. Now all of you (my one reader that is) will be subjected to my overdone photoshop creations. I apologize in advance.

Little Birds

Finally I’ve made it to the color work part of my sweater and now I have lots of little birds.  Or at least they are supposed to look like birds. If you squint and turn your head a bit you will see them.


In other news I’ve been playing a lot of Braid recently. It’s an incredibly thoughtful beautiful puzzle game that is the perfect level of challenging. I only have three puzzle pieces left to get and I am just a bit obsessed with figuring out how to get them.