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Birthday weekend

I had a very nice Birthday weekend. Took Friday off to just relax around the house and spent the day in the company of blonds and vampires watching season one episodes of True Blood and reading volume four of the Buffy season eight comics. True Blood is pretty ok and in my opinion is certainly better than the Sookie Stackhouse books it is based on. The Buffy comics I am reading just because I have to know where the story goes; and the answer is the story is going to a kinda bleak and depressing place. Between that and Dollhouse I don’t know what exactly Joss Whedon is working through but I miss my old Whedon. This stuff is harshing my mellow. At least this volume of the comics had a saturday morning cartoon version of a story set during high school freshman year for a brief bit of that old feeling.

Yesterday I did my crafty thing and finished little birds (its in the sink washing now; pictures another day) and started a new sweater in delicious malabrigo. art star craft bazaar

Today I went into the city to check out the Art Star Craft Bazaar. I was super impressed with the level of talent there. So many great things were on sale.

All in all a great weekend, except for the fact I forgot the leftover cheesecake and chocolate cake layer cake my coworkers got for me at the office on Thursday. Now that is sad.


A brief affair with sewing

My kitchen table has been a disaster zone (good thing I never eat there) and I’ve been reminded that sewing and I don’t mix, but I think the final product might be worth it.

015 - Copy

A bagsket good for small and medium knitting projects. I thought it was going to turn out smaller than it is and suitable for socks; even the perspective of my photo makes it seem smaller. But I’m happy with the size it came out because friends if this was smaller I don’t think I could have made it, particularly attaching the circular bottom to the sides, which I attempted 2.5 times before getting it right.

Here is a pic of the inside:

010 - Copy

I used the fabric strips I got from Pennington. I planed to make some log cabin style pot holders with the strips at the same time but am done with sewing for awhile. Next time I’m going to figure out how to make measuring and cutting the fabric go better; I certainly can’t be approaching it the best way.

Its funny, if you had told my younger self I would one day spend my free time sewing I would have laughed. If you had told my younger self I would one day spend my free time knitting I would have been able to see that, although perhaps may have made some stupid misguided comment about feminism. Maybe I knew something. I’m going back to knitting.

A good day for rolling

I got a new toy on Friday. Yep, I finally joined this generation of game systems with an xbox 360. I haven’t gotten the live service yet, but probably will in a little bit.

xbox 360 This was pretty much an impulse decision and a mini rebellion against always putting my quarter bonus into savings. (Ok so I put the rest of the bonus into my car loan – I can’t completely go against type).

It was actually a fairly pleasant experience buying it. No sales staff hovering over the woman in the video game section. In fact the only reaction I roused was in the guy behind me in line who was surprised I was getting it for myself; his teenage son seemed embarresed.

So far I’ve been rolling up lots of stuff playing Beautiful Katamari, and getting into Fable II. Today was a rainy chilly Sunday making it a perfect day for games. Which means I played Katamari until I gave myself a headache. Sadly it really doesn’t take too long to do given the way I roll and tendency to change directions constantly.