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001malabrigo really is what everyone says it is – wonderfully soft and completely addictive to knit with. I’m using the merino worsted in sunset to make the minimalist cardigan and I can’t put it down. Completely entranced with just watching the shades of color go by and the feel of it. I’m hoping that the moss stitch pattern will help keep this single ply loosely spun yarn from its reported tendency to fuzz. But if this sweater does end up looking like a Muppet, I will still snuggle up in it at night on the couch.

006 - Copy (2)I even like this yarn and color so much its becoming a part of me – the yarn is dyeing my hand! Actually it has so far been washing off, which is good because I really don’t want to go walking around looking like I am overdosing on beta carotene. It’s possible that the yarn could do this and not bleed when I wash it, but I think when it is done I will soak it in vinegar to set the color just in case.

Even with the threat of dyed hands I’m already thinking about what I can make next out of malabrigo. They must be putting opium derivatives in this yarn.

P.S. The reason why little birds was pictured from the back is because a) its hard as heck to get a decent picture of yourself when you are the one taking the photo, this blog is more public than ravelry, the internet is forever, and yes I am vain b) the fit in the front isn’t quite right, maybe things can be improved with the right top underneath, but I have plenty of time to figure it out – the sweater is way warm and definitely a winter wear item


It is done

Little Birds cropped

and that is all I have to say about that.