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At the zoo

My company’s picnic was at the zoo yesterday and I had a nice day enjoying the sunny weather and the animals. Of course this is an excellent excuse for a photoshop collage, so here you go.


The polar bears were my favorite and I managed to catch them at a pretty active time. I always like visiting the big cats as well, but much like their smaller cousins they seem to spend the entire day snoozing. The free roaming peacocks were also great.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Philadelphia zoo much less depressing than it was when I went many years ago. The animals that had some of the smallest most horrid areas are no longer – the elephants have been moved to a conserve near Pittsburgh and the enclosures for the big cats have been completely renovated. There are still some rather large animals that are in what can only be described as pens, but there are empty areas and perhaps there are plans to eventually knock down some walls and improve the living spaces for all of them. I would still rather visit the NC zoo though.


I used to know

Part of getting ready to move for me means planning ridiculously early and ruthlessly purging my entire apartment. I’m not one for unnecessarily holding on to things and developing attachments to my belongings; it’s just that sometimes things don’t make it to the dumpster when they have outlived their usefulness. However I do draw the line at moving said junk, so a massive number of trash bags filled to the brim and things to big or heavy for trash bags have left my apartment recently (I stopped counting after 12 bags). It’s mind boggling how much I’ve thrown out recently and I’m still not done yet – there are parts of the kitchen I am procrastinating doing as well as some things that I want to donate to charity.

Speaking of throwing things out I was trying to fold down Fu’s little pop-up tent that she never uses, thinking I would put it away for now and still move it just in case one day she likes those sorts of things (I’m purging my stuff, not Fu’s). I spent probably over 30 minutes on this freaking piece of kitty origami from hell and its horribly unclear instructions. By the time I was done I had one kitty tent bent beyond use that still wouldn’t fold down. I should have taken a picture of it before throwing it out – it was pretty hilarious. The moral of the story is stick to the pop-up cat cubes – they fold much easier – and stay away from the damn tent.


Fu asks “What happened to the tent?”

One good thing has been found so far – during the “why in the heck do I keep little random bits of leftover yarn” purge, I came across my cross stitch that was put away unfinished years ago. And what do you know I felt like finishing up the last piece so that is what I have been doing. I’m not a big fan of the look of most cross stitch (its usually a little country and even a little country is way too much for me), but I thought these would be cute in the kitchen.

002 - Copy (2)

Maybe I will get the three pieces finished and framed all within the decade. Yep, I’m super speedy.


After living in the same place for the last nine years, it is definitely time for a change. I’ve been looking at places in the city and I’ve finally found the right place for me and I am so excited! It’s about the same size as my current place, and has this great private patio/yard area in the back. I’m hoping they will finish processing my application tomorrow and I can go over and sign the lease and have it all settled. Even though I won’t be moving until August, I can’t wait to be exploring a new neighborhood and I’m already decorating the place in my head (the part of me that watches HGTV is just bursting to come out and play).

As for the knitting I’m still working on the malabrigo sweater. Finished the body and started the first sleeve; not much to show.  Fear not though I do have some pictures for you. I just got some really amazing yarn from twisted fiber arts. The yarn is netherfield genie evolution (erm no the Pride and Prejudice reference had no influence whatsoever – nope not that kinda girly at all). The evolution part refers to the fact that the ball is one long slow color shift. I have no idea how she dyes it like this but it is very cool. I think this might be my first indie yarn dyer purchase.

Twisted Fiber Arts

I also got two little baby evolution skeins as bonus. Aren’t they cute?  The yarn on the left is Minstrel Olivia and on the right is Warlock Duchess.

Little Bits