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All moved in

I’ve been all moved in for a week now. The moving boxes are all stashed in the basement, the pictures are up on the wall, and I have even finished cleaning out almost all of the mess from the previous tenants, including emptying out the tub of recycling they left outside filled with collected rainwater. Got over 20 mosquito bites on my legs from that mess because I didn’t think and did it while wearing shorts. Ugh. I have extracted my revenge though and sprayed down the whole little backyard area.

Here are some pics of everything:

This past weekend I’ve been able to finally relax and enjoy the place and the neighborhood. Today’s activities were a pretty meh brunch at National Mechanics featuring a bad bloody mary but excellent company, checking out the headhouse farmers market, and just enjoying some time outside reading. So far I am really loving it here.



Minimalist Cardigan

My minimalist cardigan is finally dry (malabrigo wool can really hold the moisture and I don’t think the humidty helps), so now I can show you pictures of it. I am really incredibly happy with how it turned out. Just the right fit and just the right amount of drape.

Minimalist Cardigan

The details: Minimilast Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum knit in Malabrigo Merino Worsted color 96 – Sunset.

Minimalist Cardigan (6)

Other than that I’ve been spending my weekend packing – moving day is Friday – and watching Torchwood, a BBC sci-fi drama that is a more mature spin off of Dr. Who. So far I’ve seen all of the season 3 Children of Earth  special and about half of season 1. I’m liking it, but not going to get too attached seeing as theories abound that it has been cancelled.

Bits and Pieces

I’ve been finishing up a few projects around here, the minimalist cardigan is all knitted up and I just need to seem the pieces together. I also finished the cross stitch and took all three pieces to Michael’s to have them framed. Lucky for me they are running a really good sale right now and I am getting them done at half price. I love it when my timing works out great like that.

Sometime during the last few weeks I also made a little dish scrubbie thing following this tribble pattern and using Peaches & Cream cotton. By the way Peaches & Cream holds it’s color much better than Sugar & Cream – that pic was taken after much use and one washing.

Tribble - Copy