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Through the looking glass

Saturday the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful so I headed out to the Magic Gardens down on South St – a huge mosaic installation filled with winding paths going up and down and all around. It’s like falling into a dream and I couldn’t have picked a better day to go with the sunlight and shade playing through glass and bouncing off mirrors.  Everywhere you look is a new detail to take in or a glimpse into another pathway. This is hands down my new favorite place in Philly.


Knitting extremes

Extreme Knitting

I’ve been knitting,  just not as much, but the two projects I have been working on are at the far opposite ends of the spectrum so at least I’ve got diversity. Project one is a pair of socks, which I would have sworn I already blogged about, but apparently not so much. Pretty simple pair using the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe and Sockina Cotton in the forest colorway.  Project two is the Lacy Chunky Throw by Wenlan Chia on giant size 19 needles knit in Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky in color frost that I was so excited to get I cast on that night. This yarn is scrumptious.

The needles for the blanket are so big it honestly doesn’t feel at all like knitting, but I still like it. Mostly because the part of me that wishes I were Buffy can see the multipurpose nature of the needles, perfect for staking and that wire if not covered with plastic would be an awesome garrote. With the proper force you might be able to decapitate a person with them.

My sister came to visit


My sister finally came to visit me in Philly. Here is a pic of us having fun in Love park.

Summer Reading

Every summer I search for the perfect books to read that have that special bit of magic that makes me can’t wait to get back to reading them when I put them down. Well this summer was a great big old bust on that, but I did read two pretty good books out of the bunch that I would recommend to others.

BoomsdayThe first is Boomsday, written by Christopher Buckly author of Thank You for Smoking (yes the movie was based on a novel and I didn’t know that either until picking up the book). It has the same sense of humor and satire, but the focus in this novel is on the social security crisis, politics, and generational warfare between the baby boomers and gen y. The plot is set in motion by 20 something Cassandra Devine who pissed off at her jerk of a father and rising taxes to fund social security suggests in her blog that 20 somethings start bombing golf courses in protest and then later suggests that baby boomers should commit suicide by age 70 in order to make social security solvent. Its completely over the top, but funny and entertaining.

MoonstoneThe second book is The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. I found this wonderful edition of the classic at a used bookstore and it reminded me of beloved library books I checked out as a kid. This is a book that I came to appreciate the most towards the end. The story is told in several narratives from different points of view. Usually I hate shifting points of view, but in this book it is done well. Everyone has different opinions of everyone else and a sometimes comic inability to see what is really going, and it is only as the book progresses that you learn all the different layers of the characters and the story as other points of view are given. This one I will have to reread again some day.

Of course now that summer is over, I have finally found a charming quick read – Aunt Dimity’s Death by Nancy Atherton.

My overgrown garden

I inherited a garden in my back yard. Its overgrown and doesn’t seem to be doing so well. I’m pretty sure the lone cucumber is well past it’s prime and I don’t think the tomatoes are ever going to turn red (probably aren’t getting enough sun). One lone pepper has turned red, but I don’t even like peppers.

Oh well, next year I will plant some german johnson tomatoes in a better location and maybe try some of those lemon cucumbers Melissa grows. Until then I have sufficiently consoled myself with the Headhouse farmers market where I have purchased some heirloom tomatoes on Sunday and other assorted goodies. Today’s lunch below was my version of grilled cheese and tomato soup, just substitute chopped tomatoes and a little salt in place of the soup. Delicious. I just have to share a picture because it was so colorful.

Grilled Cheese and Heirloom Tomatoes

After finishing the minimalist cardigan I have moved onto some socks. The details:

Pattern – Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe from Knitting Rules

Yarn – Schoeller & Stahl sockina cotton in colorway 03 (Forest)


I’m using the knit picks super short 4″ DPNs. I really love the length for moving the stitches off the needle and don’t really have any issues with them poking me. Also, that bonus extra needle you get (they come in sets of six) really comes in handy when turning the heel.