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Tis the Season

I love Christmas decorations, they are my favorite part of the holiday, and of course the tree takes center stage. Now what type of tree to put up is a deeply personal matter and I was raised on Fraser firs so getting any other kind of tree is simply put, doing it wrong. I have very fond memories of going to pick out our Booger Mountain Christmas tree (love the name) as a child and running in and out of the trees around the lot.

Unfortunately with the traveling I do over the holidays I’m not able to keep a tree properly watered and since I don’t want to set my whole place on fire I just put up a fake tree. I miss the fresh pine smell but make up for it with Christmas wreath scented tarts from Yankee Candles, which smell pretty dead on for the real deal. It’s funny how much scent plays a role in memory. I also have some cranberry peppermintĀ  tarts that were a limited edition scent I got a few years ago that smell exactly like a specific box of Christmas decorations my family has. Now up until I got these tarts I would never have said this box of decorations and everything in it had a scent, but they do, and the second I smelled these tarts it was an instantaneous connection in my brain that this was the smell of my childhood Christmas. That smell is so exactly specific to me that just burning the tarts changes it too much – when burning its more of a “clear out your sinuses until they burn” type of peppermint.

Well I can’t write a Christmas post without including a Christmas Vacation quote and don’t have any better way to end this post, so here you go – “How could things get any worse? Look around here Ellen, we’re on the threshold of hell.”