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Feels like 11

It is lunch time here and I’m trying to decide between eating something here at home (where there is nothing really to eat that goes together and forms a reasonable meal), or go outside and walk a block to pick something up. Should be an easy call, but right now the title of the post is how warm it feels outside and that is really really cold. So until I can decide I figured I would blog  all the random unrelated things going on right now.

– Left the charm bracelet featured at the top of this blog at a lovely little bed and breakfast I went to. They never were able to find it. I’m very sad and have decided I’m just not meant to have a charm bracelet; I can’t take losing another one.

– Still working on the sweater I started for NaKniSweMo. It is all knit and I’m seeming it up now. I will post pictures when its done. I think three months instead of one month for a sweater ain’t so bad.

– I’ve been reading  a lot, most recently Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, which is this year’s pick for one book, one Philadelphia. Its pretty meh; it’s her memoirs and there isn’t a strong narrative tying the story together, it’s just a sequence of  stories from her life. Which is to say it wasn’t really my style. Also recently finished Her Fearful Symmetry by Audry Niffenegger, which I liked, it was dark and moody and a nice change of pace to have a novel in which it is intentional that you don’t like some of the characters but yet its good enough to keep you reading.

– After much on and off occasional watching of Dr Who I finally have hit the good stuff. My recommendation is to just skip straight to the good stuff everyone talks about and also accept that the production values are a touch low and some of the stuff is a little silly. My recommendations are Tooth and Claw, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, and Silence in the Library. There are more good episodes than that, but those are my favorites so far.

-2010 for knitting is going to be the year of the sock and the sock yarn. This is all of the sock yarn (not necessarily all meant for socks) and yarn meant for socks (not necessarily sock weight yarn) that I have. For me this is quite a bit.

Some of you out there are laughing your butts off after reading that last sentence, and then seeing that picture.

The stuff I dyed at the bottom of the pile I might not get to because honestly that stuff is going to look really funky knit up. But the yarns on top I have been saving/hoarding for awhile and plan to work through and enjoy.