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The problem with blogging is that I would much rather be doing things than writing about them. However, I do like to share what I am up to, so I need to get better about updates. I have some finished objects to show and I’ve also been on quite a reading kick lately so I finally have some good books to talk about again.

Today’s post though is going to be about an upcoming project because I got some fabric in the mail today to make the frenchy bag by Amy Butler.  I made the larger size Christmas before last for my sister and after doing that I realized I kinda really wanted one for me.

So I have been keeping an eye out for fabric ever since. I finally settled on three fabrics in the Morris Mania (as in William Morris) line by Freedom Fabrics.

The main pattern is going to be the body of the bag, the upper right box is going to be the top, and the lower right box is going to be the lining. I’m just glad picking the fabric is finally over with. I spent more than an hour online trying to compare the various fabrics in this line to make sure what I picked went together well, only to switch over at the last minute from the green colorway to the blue/teal colorway. There must be something about teal right now; I’ve even painted my toenails teal. Unfortunately it is actually quite a hard color to pair with my clothes. I don’t think I will be keeping it long. Wow I am such a girl.