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Spa night

It has been a long weekend here. In fact by Friday it had already been a long weekend before most people had even started their weekend. However I’m not here to complain and on a comparative basis I am in no position to be complaining. Instead I’m here posting uber relaxed after my spa evening (the best fix to crappy weeks and weekends).

First up was a avocado/coconut milk/banana hair deep treatment. My hair still isn’t dry yet so I can’t fully comment on its effectiveness, but I can say it was a total pain in the arse to wash out. Even once it was out my hair felt really odd in a ‘I may have really overdone it on the protein’ kind of way and I ended up slathering a lot of leave in conditioner in it because it felt like my hair was going to dry in one giant clump. ugh. Who knows maybe I will wake up to a some super moisturized and shiny hair tomorrow making it all worth it. (What can I say, I try to live in hope)

Other than the hair the evening was a 100% success. I’m on a natural as possible, sulfate-free kick that I’ve started after going curly girl (a saga worthy of its own post) and have absolutely fallen in love with Lush. Tonight was all about the splurge – products I indulge in rarely due to a high cost to short lasting ratio. I took a nice long hot bath using my favorite indulgence, the butterball bath bomb, and used some of the remainder of my brazened honey face mask. When all is said and done I don’t think the face mask is really doing much for me, but it just feels so decadent. It’s probably a once a year kind of silly treat. However I can say that their regular faceĀ  cleansers and lotions (I use aqua marina and coal face for cleanser, tea tree toner, and vanishing cream for moisturizer) last very long for the money spent and this is the best my blemish prone skin has ever been. Trust me I don’t say something like that lightly. Warning though if you are thinking of ordering some try to find a store location first; the products are mostly all natural and some can melt in the hot summer temps if mailed. Guess how I (and my Mom) know…. yeah that was a ruined mothers day present.