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Wollmeise! Kunterbunt!

I somehow managed to grab a large ‘We’re different’ kunterbunt (mixed bag) of 80/20 sock yarn in a Wollmeise update on 9/24 and I finally got it this morning. I love all of it to pieces. This stuff is hard to get and I can’t believe my good luck.

From left to right: A versuchskaninchen (guinea pig) skein of blue with hints of purple, Spice Market, Grunfink (green finch), Merlot, and Flaschenpost (message in a bottle)


Sewing UFOs (unfinished objects)

A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out my closet because it was starting to feel a bit overwhelming and I was afraid an avalanche was eminent. While I was doing this I pulled out two unfinished sewing projects – my first ever project, a blanket, and the bag I was talking about a while back. They were both so close to being done that it seemed ridiculous to stuff them back in the closet unfinished. So here they are in their completed glory:

It took me one evening to finish the blanket and about 10 minutes to finish the bag. So what had them stalled out for so long? Well the blanket was a legitimate issue – I don’t know much about quilting but I suspect the instructions I had for putting the layers together were “cheap and easy” and in this case I paid for the cheap and easy method by ending up with layers that were bunching up oddly.  A bit of ripping out some seams and whole lot of creatively “making it work” was required to fix it, which earned it a multi-year time-out. In the end Tim Gunn would still clutch his pearls and faint dead away over how one edge of the blanket looks, but it’s sewed together and not the disaster it was initially going to end up being. Besides I really love it in all its quirkiness. As for the bag…. well I am such a sorry ass when it comes to sewing that not wanting to re-spool the bobbin after it ran out of thread just a mere few inches from being completed kept it from being done for several months. Yes my laziness when it comes to sewing is very strong.